Hendrix – a life lived too quickly

By on March 10, 2017


By volunteer and foster home Katie Wilson

Background ..  in November 2016, York County South Carolina officials convinced a local puppy mill to release five poodles to their care. All five poodles came to Carolina poodle rescue. The one standard poodle, who we named Hendrix, has been with us since then. He had cervical problems almost from the beginning and was unstable on his feet. Despite multiple veterinarian visit, Hendrix did not thrive and we thought perhaps it was the kennel environment. The Wilson family of Shelby North Carolina gladly took him home to see if they could provide an environment where he would improve.  For a short time, he did.

It is with great sadness that I communicate we lost our

beloved foster doggy, Hendrix, yesterday. For the last two weeks of his life, he finally had the loving home that he always deserved. I know that he touched the lives of many of you at the rescue, so please know that he clearly enjoyed his time with us and he passed peacefully in his sleep with one of his new siblings at his side. Thank you CPR and all of those who cared for him for making his last few months the best days of his life.

 There are times when sadly, we can only give them a short time. We try to make it the best we can.




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